About Us

Variant Innovation is a one man design and fabrication operation.  My background is in product design and engineering, and I take the creativity and attention to detail and apply it to a market that I'm passionate about.  


I started in the firearms hobby in late 2010, and have been gung-ho ever since on learning and sharing as much as I can.  I enjoy helping others, whether that's helping them make the right decisions on purchases to spend their money in the right places, or providing quality accessories that are more fully thought out than most 3rd party offerings.  


I take my time in my product development to get the fit and finish right, to create as close to a seamless ecosystem in your product usage as is possible utilizing technology that allows us to create products for much smaller markets then before.  


If you have any issues, please head over to the "contact" page and let us know what the issue is, or if you know of a product you'd like to see Variant Innovation tackle.